Programme and abstracts

Book of abstracts

Wed, 31 May 2017           Norwegian Institute (Viale Trenta Aprile, 33)                               

9.30    Welcome                                          
10.15  Wim Berkelmans: Building Latin treebanks using combinations of NLP techniques and harmonised digital resources
12.00  Special lecture I - Francesco Stella: Stylometry and authorship detection in Latin texts by Lexicon
13.00  Lunch at the Norwegian Institute, afternoon at the Finnish Institute (Passeggiata del Gianicolo, 10)                                            
15.00  Marko Halonen: Digital approaches to medieval calendars 
15.30  Odd Einar Haugen: The case for philology in digital studies 
16.30  Teemu Roos: Machine learning and the evolution of fairytales and other cultural artefacts                                                     
17.00  Erik Henriksson: Computational Tools for the Linguistic Study of Ancient Greek Poetic Meters                                                                                                        
17.30  Interim recap                                               
20.00  Workshop dinner              

Thu, 1 June 2017            Norwegian Institute (Viale Trenta Aprile, 33)

11.30  Federico Aurora: The linguistic annotation of Mycenaean Greek texts
12.00  Lunch at the Institute
12.30-13.00  End discussion
(plenty of time to reach the plane)                                         

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